Raku   Gallery
As in many of our galleries the work you see are but examples of the work that we create,
you will have to call or e-mail for availability.
We can take current pictures of work available and get right back to you

Above are two excellent examples of Sue Youngs Raku pottery.

on the left is a copper oxide glaze
on a well formed vessel.  The copper
areas received less oxygen in the
reduction phase of the raku process.

on the right is a 3 foot vessel with playful dot of copper oxide glaze over a crackle white glaze, while the other half of the pot is all copper oxide.

Call or e-mail for current raku pieces available.
518-946-7301  or  Email Sue

Here is a slide show of a crackle white vessel.  Notice the four feet that Sue has the pot sitting on. 

This pot seems to be organic and alive.