Silk Scarves Gallery
by Sue Burdick Young
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Sue has been painting silk since 2001.  Fabric dying has been one of Sues' creative pursuits as far back as her teens.  It was at this time that Karen Glass, currently of Keene Valley, NY, introduced her to batik.  Later when Sues daughters were small she experimented with tie dye on the families garments.  Eventually exposure to the beautiful silks by Lynn Taylor and Michelle Gagnon rekindled the fabric fire.  The wide array of dying and painting techniques piqued Sues natural affinity to experiment.  The two techniques that Sue uses most often are the skills of 'Serti' silk painting and 'Shabori'.

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Serti Silk Painting

was developed by the French graphic fabric designers in the 1920's.  The silk is stretched across a frame and involves the fine line application of 'gutta' which acts as a block against dyes that are applied by brush.

Subsequent layers of gutta and dye are applied until the desired results are achived.  The

Shabori is a Japanese technique of dying silks that were traditionally used to make kimonos.

The silk is tied around a pole in a specific pattern.  The pole is then dipped into dye baths and allowed to dry.  The patterns achieved have a rich visual texture and interplay of colors.